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☆ Disney Icontest ☆

A Disney Contest and LIMS Community

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Welcome to D_ICONTEST, a Livejournal icontest community. Here you will find a wide variety of bi-weekly Disney-themed icontests, as well as bi-monthly Disney-themed LIMS competitions. You do not need to be a member to enter the contests, however I'd love it if you'd join anyway!

1. Your entries must be submitted into the journal post holding the contest.
2. Your entries must fit Livejournal standards (100x100 & GIF, JPG, or PNG).
3. Please do not include animation unless the specific contest requests for it.
4. Please do not post your entries anywhere until all winners are announced.
5. Each contest has its own individual rules. Be sure to read all rules carefully.
☆ All Disney animated movies and Pixar-collaboration movies are acceptable.
    Please do not use live-action movies unless otherwise instructed.


1. You may only vote ONCE per contest. Additional votes will be ignored.
2. You may not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
3. All comments will be screened. Votes will only be visable to the moderator.
4. When you vote, please be sure to vote for every requested award.
5. In the case of a tie, a tie-breaker entry will be posted for 24 hours.

1. Icontest awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Mod's Choice, & bi-weekly Special Category.
2. LIMS awards (per round): People's Choice & Mod's Choice.
3. LIMS awards (finale): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & Mod's Choice.
4. 1st place winners for all contests will be linked in the Hall of Fame.
5. Participation banners will be awarded for all competitions.
☆ All winners, unless specifically requested, will be nominated at wd_awards.

While collecting the weekly entries I will set aside my favorites. Once the voting is tallied, I will see which of those entries have already been given awards; those that have will be taken out. I will then decide which is my favorite out of the ones that are left. If all of the entries I have set aside recieve awards from the votes, I will assign "Mod's Choice" to my favorite icon out of all the entries.

Sunday  -
A new icontest will open. A new LIMS round will open.

Wednesday  -
A mid-week reminder will be posted for both competitions.
Friday  -
Entries for both competitions will be accepted until midnight.
Saturday  -
Voting will begin mid-morning for both competitions.
Sunday  -
Results will be announced for both competitions, with banners.
Icontests will last two weeks.
LIMS competitions last eight weeks.
Final awards will be posted the Sunday of the final week.

- Award Banners inspired by rabidline
- Icontest Information Banners inspired by grande_disney
- Profile Layout inspired by disney__icons
- Sample Screencap Banners inspired by d_princesstills
- Walt Disney Font from Font Finder

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